Our Frame By Frame Film Transfer System

We use the very latest design, world famous Tobin Cinema Systems professional telecine transfer equipment. Some of the best systems made, they are used in many major transfer houses the world over. Our newest Tobin system combines the best of all other systems… High-Definition, Frame by Frame, and Direct Transfer. No screen, no mirrors, no “aerial image”, no rolling shutter effect, and absolutely no flicker whatsoever. The High Definition camera is triggered by the next film frame coming into position, after the rotating shutter opens so the camera doesn’t see it. There is no chance of blending film frames together. There is no interference from the original shutter to require a particular running speed, and no chance of flicker or shutter bar.
After recording, we use special software to specify the AVI header to assign 16 FPS ( for regular-8 ) or 18 FPS ( for super-8 ) speed so the file will play back on a computer at the original film camera’s running speed.
Then our master video editing system is used to control the final cropping and scaling of the image file. It can then be converted it to the desired Blu-Ray or DVD disc format, or video file. We insert pillar box bars, or wallpaper, on the left and right to expand the original 4:3 ( 12:9 ) film image to the 16:9 ratio.​ We do not crop off any part of the original 4:3 image to “fill” the 16:9 screen.